Cricketer-Entertainer-Enterpreneur THE ALL ROUNDER

Nobody knew that a boy born on October 7, 1983 in Santa Cruz, Trinidad and Tobago would rock the worlds of sports and entertainment one day. Dwayne Bravo a.k.a DJ Bravo is one of the most famous cricketers in the world.

Bravo, an all-rounder, is quite popular for his 'at the death' bowling and aggressive batting in cricket. He is one of the efficient bowlers who can bowl at variety of lengths. His contribution in ICC World Twenty20 2012, and 2016 ICC World Twenty20 cup is noteworthy. His popularity as a cricketer in various premier leagues such as IPL, Big Bash League, Pakistani Super League, and Bangladesh Premier League is no less.

But Bravo is just more than a cricketer. He proved himself to be a great singer and a dancer with his internet-shattering song 'Champion'. The song has been viewed for more than 18 million times (and counting...) and is on the rage even today. Bravo is cheered loudly by the audience as he uses his signature steps from the song 'Champion' on the grounds whenever he takes wickets. Even further, the song has become an anthem whenever West Indies or Bravo's team in premium leagues enjoys victory. His friends and fellow mates like Gayle and Sammy are also seen enjoying every beat of the track.

DJ Bravo endorses many popular products as his persona allures world-class companies. Bravo also proves to be a keen entrepreneur as he professionally manages his contracts and assignments. He has successfully maintained his charm not only in the field of cricket but also in business industry.

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